Creative Strategy

Creative Strategy encompasses more than just creating a website, more than designing a logo and more than building a marketing project.  Creative Strategy combines all the above and more.  We start from the beginning and ask what are you trying to accomplish in the next year, 5 years and longer.  Then we devise a strategy to get there.  Does it means modifying your site or starting from scratch?  Do you need a fresh brand?  What is working well and what can we improve.  Creative Strategy combines all your strengths and gives them direction and focus.


Epic Match

Branding  |  Interactive Web Design  |  Animated Video

Having a hierarchy of companies, Epic needed multiple logos.  We wanted to follow a common language between entities.

Animated Video

Zero Base Design

Branding  |  Interactive Web Design  |  3D Model Design & Animation

An impressive engineering company focusing on aesthetic design.

3D Modeling & Animation

Ant Machinery Rentals

Branding  |  Interactive Web Design  |  Digital & Print Advertising

Their machinery is huge and their name is small – because they do it all.

Digital & Print

Paderewski Music Festival

Branding  |  Event Advertising  |  Playbills

Since 2014, Fishergraphix has worked with the Paderewski Music Festival creating their advertising posters and concert playbills.  

Playbill (Print)

Dead Fish Snowboards

Branding  |  Interactive Web Design  |  Product Design  |  Advertising Concepts

A startup snowboard company wanted to bring their name and new line of boards to the mountains.  

Advertising Concepts

Monster Confections

Branding  |  Interactive Web Design  |  Packaging  |  Print

A local baker with monster expectations.  We wanted a recognizable name and brand that stayed with you as long as the calories.

Package Design

Website Samples

Arahail Technologies

0 Base Design

Design Home Renovations

Tru Impressions of Hope


Epic Match Capital


Understatement Dave. You are great, quick turn, under high pressure but still amazing product man! We will be working with each other again. There will be no doubt.

Melanie, Phoenix

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