Your website is you and you are your website



Fishergraphix took a complex website project and completed it with ease.  Our site is beautiful, and what a pleasure it was to work with them!

Joe, Raleigh

So often, before you meet a potential client for the first time, they will find you on the web.  They quickly form an impression of you and your organization.  You hope they get the right impression.  Your website is an invaluable investment in doing business today.  It is your voice, your image, your statement.

It should be working for you, making your organization more efficient and profitable.  It should help you build an e-mail list to stay in touch with your audience and build trust over time; allow for membership signups, event registrations, or free and paid downloadable products; allow you to publish fresh content so you can continue engaging your audience; and more.


Our Process



We discuss questions related to your brand, goals, target audience and more.


Sitemap + Prototype

We create a visual sitemap for your review to make sure the site is being structured as we both discussed. We then build an interactive prototype in the browser that acts as the blueprint for the site.


Design / Refine

We research ideas, create schemes and come up with the best solutions. You provide feedback and we make revisions as needed.



The final design and deliverables are sent.


Care Plan

In addition to providing training so you can edit your website, we offer care plans to keep your site running smoothly and securely.