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“Professional, Clean, Modern.  More than I could have asked for.  Our video turned out great due to Fishergraphix.”

Julie, Durham

Video and motion graphics are quickly replacing imagery as the way to share your message.  Fishergraphix has experience in all types of video, but specializes in informational videos and animation.  What is your need?


Informational Videos

“Netherlands” – 54 seconds

“Reptiles on the Brink” – 53 seconds

Kickstarter Videos

“Empires of Steam” – 92 seconds

“Empires of Steam” – 68 seconds

“Empires of Steam” – 6 seconds

“Loaded Iron” – 112 seconds

Video Clips

“Drone” – 11 seconds

“X-treme Kayaking” – 8 seconds

“Nacht Motors Presents” – 29 seconds

“Movie Intro” – 18 seconds