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Case Studies: Remarketing Goodies

Months ago I talked about the benefits of Remarketing.  I still believe it is a great way to increase your online reach.  Click here to see the orginal article.

( I wanted to compile several “goodies” to help our marketing efforts.  In doing this, I collected several articles by others to facilitate this goal.  All original  articles are cited.)


More than Marketing: Remarketing and Retargeting

Remarketing: sometimes the only way someone will find their way back to your site

Remarketing defined

What ever tactic is used to engage a customer after their first interaction is considered remarketing.  With so many changes in the way we now market our business, remarketing is an essential strategy.  It leverages numerous categories and areas of the web to appeal to an audience.  Simply put, it strategically supports a company’s sales objectives by recapturing potentially valuable leads.  Without a remarketing plan, many important leads may disappear without a trace.

A visitor comes to your eCommerce site to view your latest product, then leaves without taking any action.  Quality remarketing could use a third-party advertising system to show ads for that same product on other sites they visit.  By doing this your product remains at their top of mind, making it much more likely they will go back to complete a purchase.

Retargeting defined

Using cookies and display ads to promote your products and services to previous visitors and others that search for similar products is retargeting.  Quite often it utilizes PPC (pay per click) advertising solutions like Google ads to convert visitors and consumers across the web.  This also makes it possible for companies to use retargeting strategies to reach people that have not yet visited your site and may not know of your brand.

Let’s say you sell shoes and your company sets up a conversion goal for visitors to click on your call-to-action button.  That button leads to a contact form.  Eventually, third party user tracking data shows that visitors who click your call-to-action button also visit many other shoe related websites, including hat sites and clothes accessory sites. 

Retargeting would begin to advertise your shoe company on other sites selling hats and clothes accessories.  by running a successful retargeting campaign your inbound marketing leads increase growing your potential sales.

Will remarketing and retargeting align with your overall marketing plan?

 Display advertisements are the main source of retargeting, but remarketing uses a much larger marketing scheme.  In addition to the above example, remarketing also includes email lists, add-on products, personalized purchasing suggestions and other incentives.

Using these tactics combined with your social media campaigns, you can form a strong base to capture, qualify and convert your inbound leads. 

Creating engagement opportunities thru content marketing, remarketing, and retargeting.

These are a perfect threesome for your company’s online marketing.  Quality content marketing creates interesting and organic leads thru helpful information, then creative remarketing strategies convert those readers that show interest with your special offerings.  Put these tactics together and you have a powerful lead funnel.  Additionally, all ads and information must be consistent and recognizable to empower your brand.  With such a diluted digital marketplace, many strategies must be incorporated to find success in the business marketplace.

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